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Red and Black love stamp by izka197

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Full Color-Fullbody
Pennly Cat COM Ref 1 by ArtProducer95Pennly Cat COM Ref 2 by ArtProducer95Zeke and Spike COM Ref by ArtProducer95Alec COM Ref by ArtProducer95
Turquoise Bullet - F2U!  Full Color(Color + Shading).

Bullet; Black  Free background's include White, Grey or no BG.   

Turquoise Bullet - F2U!  All digital art, including my signature.

Bullet; Black  If you don't want to pay through points, PayPal is always an option.
Full Color-Half Body
Crack Pairing: Alley Cat Tricks. by ArtProducer95
Danny and Seir by ArtProducer95
Bullet; Red  Full Color(Color + Shading).

Bullet; Black  Free background's include White, Grey or no BG. 

Bullet; Red  All digital art, including my signature.
Full Color +1
This is for if you want 2 or more characters for a Full Color or Flat Color drawing. Each one cost 200:points:
Simple BG
A simple color background with no detail, no environment, no nothing, just color. As many colors as you want.

(Only for Flat Color and Full Color drawings.)
Complex BG
A background with an environment. Whether it be outside, inside, wherever it is, and would have the same effort as the drawing itself.

(Only for Flat Color and Full Color drawings.)


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136 / 300
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:bulletred:Extra Detail Drawings: (Basically no lines, and more details on the hair, clothes, etc.)
1 character: $12
2 characters: $16
3 characters: $20
:bulletblack:Full Color:
1 character: $3
2 characters: $6
3 characters: $12
:bulletred:Line Art:
1 character: $2
2 characters: $4
3 characters: $6
:bulletblack:Reference Sheet's:
$2 - $3
Human Portraits(drawn in my style):
Head shots: $3
Half body: $6
Full body: $12

Backgrounds are $1 extra.
*Payments can be made through Paypal*
Send me a message to give me specific details on the picture, poses, expressions, backgrounds, etc.

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Katie R.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Birth Date: August 8
Birth Year: 1995
Gender: Female
Interested In: Men
Relationship Status: Single
Languages: English and some Japanese
Religious Views: Agnostic
I do not believe, or disbelieve in the unknown.
Political Views: Independent
Main Hobbies: Drawing and Writing
I love color stamp by chinatsumori-chanNot Gay Stamp by Jet-PlasmaRainbow And Black Stamp by miraibaby

Zeki Divider o1 by AngelicHellraiserZeki Animals + Rose and Thorn Divider by AngelicHellraiserZeki Animals + Rose and Thorn Divider by AngelicHellraiserZeki Divider o1 by AngelicHellraiser

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Zazzle Store: Katie'sArtPortfolio

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The Varmt & Kaldt team.


I RP FLUFF by DarthSukiI RP ANGST by DarthSukiOC Roleplay Stamp by JFG107-StampsI am an artist. by tsunpaiExceptForThemCertainOnes by endlerLearn Your Lingo Already by endlerRomance in Fiction Stamp by the-ocean-sings

Love is: Everlasting.
Love is: Only Kind.
Love is: Always Patient.
Love will: Blow Your Mind
If You Let It... ~Je'kob

Canon characters I do/have RPed:
Demyx - Kingdom Hearts
Riku - Kingdom Hearts
Sora - Kingdom Hearts
Leon - Kingdom Hearts
Yuffie Kisaragi - Final Fantasy VII
Akatsuki Kain - Vampire Knight
Takuma Ichijo - Vampire Knight
Sebastian - Black Butler
Kageito - Vocaloid

:iconfairytailplz:Fairy Tail Stamp by LinaLeeLjerza love by jackroonoJellal x Erza Stamp 2 by whiteflamingoJellal Stamp 2 by whiteflamingo
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:iconfinalfantasyvii:final fantasy 7 stamp by Makt91Aeris Crisis Core Stamp by EmeraldSoraCloud Stamp by Fyi-SusStamp - Zack x Aerith by MiaKa-CiDlol Reno and Rude Stamp by sundancewolfRenoFC stamp by ArlequinneTeam Turks by LokiDragonfae
:iconvocaloidplz::thumb191425175:Vocaloid Stamp by maxari4VOCALOID Stamp by MyFebroniaVocaloid Group Picture by azianwolfdollSTAMP Gumi Megpoid by The-Last-Fallen-AngeNigaito Shions Stamp by WhiteShadow234Akaito by just-stampsTaito Stamp by MonotokiVocaloid Twins stamp by VigillantRinxLen WITHOUT Twincest by Pikaripeaches


Hi, I'm Katie, and I have had a few tough times in my life, but I get through them with the help of my friends, family and a pencil :) I have been drawing since I was about 4, I slowly get better as I go, my favorite thing to draw is wolves/dogs. I have two cats Buddy and Kasey Kahne ^_^ I love to ride horses, my fave animals are wolves, horses, deer and cats, my fave colors are red, black, white, silver and midnight blue.
I love these! X3

Tagged by :iconrina-ran:

-Comment below with the name of one of my characters and I'll fill out their answers for the listed questions.
-Feel free to do this yourself
-Tag 3 peeps to do it as well or optional if you don't wanna tag anyone.

And feel free to add your own questions in there, too, if you want |3

I'll tag~:

These are all that I could think of right now, but I say anyone that wants to do it, do it |3

My characters you can choose from
-Natasha(Somebody: KH)
-Riley(Vampire: aVB)
-Ray(Body water drinking Vampire: aVB)
-Elliott(Freelancing clown)
-Hunter(Plant/earth magic Wizard)
-Akina(Heartless: KH)
-Steve(Somebody: KH/FFVII)
-Yuka(Vampire: VK)
-Setsuna(Vampire. Brother of Yuka: VK)
-Pennly(Either his Tulpa(Alec's Tulpa): TnC/Nekomimi/or Inumimi version)
-Liam and Lilly(Mute twins)
-Tanshaxa(Nobody Natasha: KH)
-Hibiki(Silverblood Vampire: VK)
-Lucas(Kinda Cyborg: FFVII?)
-Akako(Silverblood Vampire ancestor that lives in Hibiki's head: VK)
-Rocella(Fairy Tail. Jellal/Erza descendant)

(I do realize I haven't officially posted most of these... but some of you will know them... XD)I think that's all of them, but if you find or think of more, then fire away XD


1: Likes?
2: Dislikes?
3: Fav color?
4: Fav animal?
5: Deadly Sin?
6: Blood Type?
7: Fav place?
8: Significant other or crush?
9: Fav food?
10: Dream location to live?
11: Pets or pets they wish for?
12: Weapon of choice?
13: Phobias?
14: Bad, Weird, Funny habits?
15: Turn ons?
16: Turn offs?
17: Best school subject?
18: Fav item?
19: Wants kids?
20: Closest Friends?
21: Childhood Dream Job?
22: First Kiss?
23: Sexual Orientation?
24: Secret kink?
25: Happiest when?
26: Short and long term goals right now?
27: Role in a movie?
28: Sexual Fantasy?
29: Fav Music genre?
30: Talents?
31: 3 wishes. Go!
32: Setting for their wedding?
33: Best way to spend vacation?
34: The perfect evening?
35: If they could undo one thing in their life?
36: One thing they would like to change about themselves if they could?
37: Daily activities?
38: Got any jewelry?
39: Most common sleeping position and bed arrangement. Lots of plushies or just one pillow etc.?
40: Their hopes for their future?
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Spotify
  • Reading: Things
  • Watching: YouTube
  • Eating: Waffles
  • Drinking: Juicy Juice/Water

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